We have launched the International Association of Translation Service Managers, which is an unincorporated association in nature to identify and discuss the challenges and tasks associated with LSPs as well as with the high and medium-level managers who represent 640,000 translators worldwide. Its activities will be planned and organized by specialized committees, comprising the chairs of committees, appointed by the Board, and the working groups, which are open to senior LSP managers.

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At the same time that we continue to expand the scale and scope of our Association in order to find additional opportunities to network and share ideas with colleagues from around the world, we further plan to provide mentoring, continuing education and other professional development opportunities which will allow us to focus on the promotion of effective professional management among top managers of language service provider companies, enable the most efficient and effective operations at other levels (project managers, HR managers, sales managers, business development managers, vendor/client managers, account managers), and finally ensure the highest quality of service over the long term.

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To be recognized globally as the premier organization for women managers and leaders who, by sharing their knowledge and experience, provide professional development opportunities in order to improve the future management of their organization.

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The overall mission of the association is to offer the services, programs and tools that will provide education, innovation, support, resources, leadership development and networking opportunities that enhance professional growth and success of translation service managers at the local, regional and international level. It is a professional platform for discussing all topics related to language service providers:
• practice management and professional development,
• standards, policies and strategies,
• language technology,
• communication and networking
• ethics and professionalism
• strategic partnerships